DIY Mini Wreaths

This past weekend consisted of lots of foraging and wreath-making!

We googled general wreath DIY's and with some basic tips in mind, went about doing a mash-up of our own thing. 
I thought I'd share the materials we used and the simple steps to create your own wreath.

1. Large spruce pine cones.
2. Dogwood or grapevine (to create circle form).
3. Sprigs of cedar.
4. Eastern hemlock pine cones.
5. Eastern hemlock cuttings.

1. Wire (I used 20GA green coated from Home Depot, but I would probably go with 18GA next time).
2. Floral tape (Purchased mine from Walmart).
3. Ribbon of your choice.
4. Glue gun + glue sticks.

1. Create a circle form from a cutting of grapevine or dogwood (I used about 22"-25" for a mini wreath, but adjust as you please depending on the final wreath size you want to make). Bend carefully into a circle, overlapping the ends together to create a more secure hold. Duct tape ends together. You can continue bending your form into a more proper circle after taping together as well.

2. Cover circle form with floral tape, stretching the tape as you go. This step can be optional if you prefer to just leave the grapevine colour showing as is.

3. Cut small sections/pieces of hemlock or cedar (for this wreath I used the hemlock). Working with 2-3 pieces bunched together, attach to circle with one long continuous piece of wire (about 30"+) winding around the ends 3-4 times to secure.

4. Repeat step 3, continuing from left to right, overlapping as you go with the same piece of wire until circle is completed. Secure the wire at the end to ensure it won't unravel.

Side notes: 
• try to ensure with the hemlock that the dark green side of the foliage is showing. 
• if you run out of wire attach another piece by twisting ends together and continue along.

5. Adjust any odd pieces + trim as needed. As you can probably notice above, I have some wire showing that I'd want to hide a little better.

6. With a glue gun, attach pine cones for decoration and any other foraged materials you'd like. Allow to dry. Add a ribbon of your choice for hanging and voila!

Hope you'll be creating your own mini wreaths and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email and I'll do my best to help.

Longchamp Planètes Review

After contemplating for a long while, I pulled the trigger and bought the Longchamp Planètes medium tote bag about a month ago. I was looking for a sturdy work bag that would fit my wallet, extras and also my daily lunch, water bottle and possibly a book. I found this bag via Extra Petite and kept it in mind, but I ended up going with the popular Le Pliage. After bringing the Le Pliage home and not loving the bag, I returned it and did more research on the Planètes tote finding nothing but positive reviews. It is indeed much sturdier than the Le Pliage, with thicker material and also a sleeker tone on tone look.

I've been lugging my daily things + lunch in this tote for a little over 3 months now and love it! I didn't realize how much I missed having a fully zipped bag. Since I commute to work everyday I like the security of all my belongings being zipped safely away. The bag is also light as air and compared to my previous purse, making everything feel super light on my shoulder. I did find the flap to be somewhat annoying at first as it got in the way of easily unzipping the bag and taking things out, but I did get over it. I would definitely recommend this bag as an everyday work tote. The overall quality is top-notch and the bag is well-designed in all aspects.

What's your everyday work bag?

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