Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crown Flora Terrarium Workshop

I'm sitting at home this week with a wicked cold. All I feel like doing is watching TV in my homemade Snuggie (aka my fleece blanket wrapped around me like a poncho). But a few weeks ago, a friend and I visited Crown Flora Studio for a terrarium workshop!

Luckily we picked a Saturday with only 5 participants and had lots of room to roam and had our pick of plants. I absolutely LOVE succulents so nothing excites me more than seeing so many in one place! If you're in the Toronto area and interested in getting a crash course in making terrariums, I highly recommend taking this workshop. Adam + Davis are super nice and sweet and I couldn't help buying another potted plant for myself at the end too!

I was inspired afterwards to make my own terrariums at home and excitedly went on a search for supplies not long after. Can't wait to create more and will definitely share my finds soon!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

There & Back

I've been attempting to do a "revamp" it seems like forever ago. It's funny how the everyday job can take away from all the other things you intend to do at the end of every day. I guess the biggest motivation in this long overdue update is that very fact that I no longer have my everyday job! I just completed a contract covering a maternity leave at Style at Home magazine and now I'm feeling refreshed and ready to dive into something I've always loved; the blogging world. Hello again & I hope to reconnect with past bloggers soon. Let's catch up!